Growth of Online Casinos in Canada

How did we get here? Today we will be reviewing the growth of online casinos in Canada and how the current Canadian online casino landscape came to be what it is in 2014.

The Beginning
These days, Canada is one of the most prized online gaming markets, making up a significant percentage of the player demographic. However, back in the 90s, when online casinos first made their debut, the industry was heavily regulated, as the Government didn’t allow citizens to operate gaming websites. It did, however, allow citizens to take part in the industry as players through various US online casinos.

Canada Online Casino Growth

The Growth
As the industry grew further, the provincial government realized it was missing out on a lot of potential revenue, and started to question this restriction. Provinces such as British Colombia started to petition the development of a Canadian online casino, which led to the initiation of in 2010, Canada’s first regulated gaming website. Sponsored by the British Colombia Lottery Commission, the website, besides offering players lottery tickets online, also allowed them to bet on bingo and sports games.

Seeing the success of Playnow, Quebec also joined in on the action with the launch of Lotto Quebec, being the second province to allow online gambling. The website offered table games such as blackjack and poker, along with sports betting. Manitoba soon followed suit, launching Playnow Manitoba in 2013.

The Future
With Ontario expected to launch its own gaming website soon, the future seems bright for online gaming in Canada. This is only helped by the fact that these websites also allow for easy online casino deposit methods, such as e-wallets.

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