March Madness in Canada

This year’s 2014 March Madness tournament is unlike any other NCAA Mens College Basketball tournament before it. In 2014 we have an all-time high of Canadian players playing in the tournament which includes none other than Andrew Wiggins who plays for the Kansas Jayhawks. Currently Andrew Wiggins is ranked number one in College Basketball by scouts and projected to go number one in the NBA draft this year. With Wiggins included, there is an estimate of 33 Canadian players participating in the 2014 March Madness tournament.

Canadian Andrew Wiggins

Another notable Canadian player in this year’s NCAA basketball tournament is Tyler Ennis who plays for the Syracuse Orange. Just like these players, and the ones who will come after them, it is of the utmost importance that they are proud of their Canadian roots and proudly display their patriotism on the main stage.

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We here at Casino Guide Canada have never been more proud of being Canadian. We are a nation of approximately 33 million people, the same population as the entire state of California, yet we are making great strides in the world of sports, entertainment, and philanthropy. So the next time you choose and online casino or sports betting site to play at, consider this. Who do you want to have your business, a company that employs Canadians like Bodog Canada, or a company that does not like William Hill.

In either case, it is your money so do what makes you the most happy! Play on fellow Canucks, play on!

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