How to Get Freebies in Las Vegas

If you don’t properly plan and prepare, you could end up spending a lot more money in Las Vegas than you ever intended. The goal is to not only have a great time, but to walk away with more money in your wallet than you went with, or at least come back with any amount of money in your wallet at all. Before you book your trip, check out the following four tips for getting freebies in Las Vegas casinos and hotels.

Drink at a casino

Whether you’re sitting at the slots or you’re playing at a table, casinos give out free drinks to their patrons. This is a good way to get some drinks in your system when you’d rather not pay an exorbitant amount of money for each drink at a bar, club, or restaurant. There’s also plenty of cabs available and numerous things to do within walking distance so you won’t have to worry about driving.

Las Vegas Casinos

Use the Las Vegas Players Club Card

This card is a way for casinos to find out what exactly it is that you’re doing while you’re there, such as how much you’re spending. It’s a great way to rack up freebies, such as free food, free room upgrades, and various other perks. Anywhere you go, make sure to ask if they accept the card. Even after you leave, you’ll still continue to receive offers that you can use for your next trip.

Search online for free attractions

There’s so many free attractions in Las Vegas that it’s almost surprising. Some of the many to check out include the Fountains of Bellagio, the circus acts at Circus Circus, and the Aquarium at the Silverton. There’s something for everyone!

Check online for freebie coupons

There’s coupons and promo codes online that will offer you freebies, such as a free upgrade, all you have to do is search for them and, of course, adhere to the rules and restrictions. Do a search before you book your trip and see what you come up with.

With all the aforementioned tips, it looks like you might not have to spend as much in Las Vegas as you thought!

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