Learning How to Play Real Money Blackjack

The exact origin of the game of blackjack isn’t known, but many believe it originated during the 1700s in France where it was referred to as vingt-et-un, which means 21 in French. It was the French who brought the game to the states during the 1930s, and since then, it has grown so much in popularity that it is found in almost all of the casinos across the globe. Let’s learn more about what blackjack is and how you play the game. Today we will be talking about how to play blackjack for real money online at the top 2015 Canadian online casinos.

The objective

Despite what many think, there’s one main objective in blackjack, and that’s to beat the dealer by not going bust, also known as going over 21.

How many players

There can be up to 8 players during a game of blackjack.

The cards

Jacks, Kings, and Queens – or face cards – each have a value of 10. Cards 2 – 9 are face value, and an Ace can either count as 1 or 11. For example, if you have an Ace and a 5, you have what’s referred to as a soft 16, so it either counts as a 6 or a 16.

Real Money Canadian Blackjack

The rules

The players place their bets, and the dealer gives one card to each player as well as one to himself; all of the cards are face-up. The dealer then gives another face-up card to each player, but when he gets to himself, puts the second card face down. Based on the cards you have, as well as the dealer’s card you can see, you decide whether you want to hit (ask for another card), stand (stay with the cards you have), split (turns two cards with the same number into two different hands), or double down (double your bet). Very few casinos will allow you to surrender, or give up your hand with half your bet with it. It’s then the dealer’s turn to flip over his second card (hole card), and he will only draw another card if he has a total of 16 or less. If the dealer doesn’t bust, them whomever has the highest total of points between he and the player wins, but if he does bust, the player wins.

Play your cards right while you’re playing blackjack and use good judgment and you’ll be well on your way when playing real money online blackjack at the very best Canadian online casinos in 2015.

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