Online Casino Bonuses

If you’ve found yourself searching for online casino bonuses in Google, whether it be promotion or coupon codes, it’s probably because every online casino out there has some type of promotion going on every other day.

One of the main reasons why online casinos are rising in popularity is by offering huge signup bonuses, through which they attract new players. These bonuses are like an investment by the casino, and aren’t just limited to signups; there are also reload bonuses that compel players to choose a particular casino over others. Let’s have a look at the different types of bonuses that a player may come across while betting through their computer screen.

Welcome/Signup Bonus
Almost all online casinos today offer some sort of signup or incentive, and this is generally the most magnanimous of all bonuses. When joining a casino, don’t just check their welcome or signup bonus; rather, have a look at the total number of bonuses that they will offer overtime, including the no deposit or reload bonuses.

Online Casino Bonuses

No Deposit Bonus
The ‘No Deposit’ bonus gives players a chance to experience the online casino software without even having to make a deposit upfront. This allows them to test the software and decide whether this is going to be their new virtual Vegas. The winnings that a player earns with the bonus can be withdrawn, but the bonus itself cannot.

Percentage Bonus
This bonus basically issues you a certain percentage for what you have deposited. For example, a 25% match bonus means that the casino will issue you $25 for every $100 you deposit, amounting to a total of $125 playable. Some casinos may even offer a 100% bonus, which is known as the ‘matching bonus’.

Referral Bonus
Finally, there’s the referral bonus through which casinos reward players who invite their friends to play the casino. Not many casinos offer these.

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