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If you’re just getting into gambling online, you’ve probably come across the term RTG at some point. This stands for RealTime Gaming, and you’re likely going to see the term used quite a bit while you’re playing, doing research, and trying to win some money through online casinos. So let’s dive in and discuss four things you should know about RTG and their online casino software.

They’ve been around for years

RealTime Gaming is a company that has been around since its founding in 1998 in Atlanta, Georgia. They develop downloadable casino software as well as software that uses Flash, which is then leased out to various RTG powered sites. Their motto is “taking gaming seriously.” Hastings International B.V., which is a company based in Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles, bought the company in 2007.

There’s numerous RealTimeGaming Casinos and one of our most beloved is the Bodog Casino. If you would like to learn more about what casino games Bodog offers or information on Bodog deposit options you can review our payment news updates for Canadian players here.

Considering the popularity of RealTime Gaming Casinos, there’s an excellent chance you’ve come across some and didn’t even know it. Bodog, WinPalace, Lucky Red, and Casino Titan are just some of the RTG Canadian online casinos that are out there.

There’s a large amount of games to play

Whether you want to do slots, blackjack, roulette, poker, or video poker, you’ll certainly find a game that’s of interest to you. There’s more than a hundred different games from which to choose as well as dozens of slots.

RTG Canadian Casinos

It’s a popular choice for operators for several reasons

There’s a multitude of reasons why operators love using RTG software. It’s used all over the world, and US players can partake. Additionally, the software is customizable by site, including that the operators can decide which games they want to offer as well as the payouts.

Considering how long RTG has been around in addition to the huge strides they’ve made in the online gaming industry, the aforementioned is just touching on what there is to know about the company and what they offer. With their excellent reputation, they’re likely going to continue to be around for quite awhile.

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