Canada Gambling Regulation

Many Canadians have come to this website with the following question:
Are online casinos in Canada legal?

And the answer cannot be answered with a simple Yes or No. When it comes to payout percentages and selection of casino games, there is not much difference between illegal and legal online casinos. For example, the Bodog Canada Casino and Play Now Casino have basically the same variety of online casino games, but different bonuses. You will find that many of the top Canadian online casinos are not exactly what the government anti-online casino lobbyists would call legal, yet these Canadian online casinos have the best player reviews and have been online the longest. Another difference between legal and illegal online casinos are the types of online casino deposit methods offered. You will notice that the government online casinos typically only accept Credit Card to deposit, however online casinos offer a whole other variety deposit methods like Moneybookers in addition to Credit Card.

The laws in Canada can seem contradictory when it comes to online gambling. If you gamble online, you shouldn’t fear criminal prosecution because there are no laws written in any province that explicitly say that it is illegal to gamble online. When you decide to gamble online in Canada, you won’t have to worry about gambling regulations that are so prevalent in the USA. In fact, Canada’s gambling regulations are much more laid back than the USAs and in some instances, real ID laws ensure that the gambler is who they say they are.

Canada Gambling Regulation

If you are trying to gamble online in Canada, you should first do research on the type of gambling games you’d like to play. One of the more popular choices for online gambling is At Bodog, you get the Las Vegas experience on your computer screen. You can play craps, blackjack, poker, Caribbean stud, roulette and much more from your desktop computer which is something Canada gambling regulation has yet to QQQ. You can also bet on a myriad of sporting events in Bodog’s online sports book and you can bet on any number of horse races all across the globe in the Bodog race book. When you bet at Bodog, regardless of the outcome of your wager, you’ll feel confident about the integrity of the website and you will enjoy yourself in the process.

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