Casino Games for First Timers

Visiting Las Vegas’s Sin City for the first time? Confused by all the complexities surrounding blackjack and the other big boys of the gambling arena? Don’t fret, as you can have a perfectly good time without risking your life savings at Las Vegas casinos. For first timers, here are a few games we recommend them to play before trying their hand at poker and other complex games.

Casino Games

Online Slots
Probably the first game you’ll come across upon entering a Las Vegas casino is slots. After all, it’s the sound of slot machines that contribute a great deal to the ambiance of a casino. The rules are simple; simply pull the handle and wait for the rollers to set. If you manage to get all slots for the same character or manage to land a winning combination, you win!

Real Money Roulette
The Roulette table may seem pretty complicated at first, but getting a hang of roulette takes a little time, especially if you are betting on the basic odds i.e. red or black. As the tipper rolls the ball, you bet on a color, number or even on the odds of an odd or even number turning up. The more specific your bet, the higher will be the payout. For first timers however, it is recommended betting on 50/50 odds such as color rather than number possibilities. We would also recommend going for a European roulette table instead of an American one, as the house edge is higher on the latter due to an added number.

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