Online Casinos Prepaid Card and Credit Cards Deposits

Today we will be reviewing depositing at online casinos in Canada using a prepaid card or regular credit card. When picking from the best Canadian online casinos, it’s only natural that you may have some questions hovering over your head in regards to online casino deposit methods. As a player, you can’t be sure if your favorite casino accepts your preferred method and it may take time to go around asking every casino so as to what method they prefer.

Let’s have a look at some online casino deposit methods employed at Canada online casinos today.

Using Your Credit Card
Credit card deposits are very convenient; just about everybody uses one. Different online casinos in Canada use different cards. Before opening your account, it would be good to check with your online casino if they accept the particular kind of card you have.

Prepaid Credit Cards

Buying anything with your credit card is quite simply a breeze – as is making an online casino deposit. What happens is when you wish to transfer money, you head over to the online casino’s cashier, enter the credit card digits, the amount you want transferred and fairly soon it will reflect the money you’ve just moved.

Prepaid Cards at Online Casinos
Undoubtedly, one of the most convenient online casino deposit methods, prepaid cards function a lot like debit and credit cards, with the only distinction that they’re charged with a specific amount of cash when they’re purchased, unlike credit cards which are affected by your spending limit.

Prepaid cards are rather popular methods in certain instances where credit card transactions to online casinos aren’t the best option. Some Canadian online casinos also allow you to use PayPal gift card deposits which you can read more about in our casino reviews.

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