Playing Online Poker

Playing online poker takes skill, much more than some realize. While you’re playing at home, it’s easy to get distracted by other things, but that’s when you start making mistakes. If you want to win big while you’re playing, keep the following mistakes in mind and make sure to avoid them at all costs.

Playing poor hands for the sake of it

Maybe you’re bored or maybe you think you’re going to bluff the other players by playing a poor hand for the sake of it, but all you’re doing is hurting yourself. Just let the hand go, especially when you realize there’s a high chance you’re not going to win, and wait until the next round.

Starting with a bad hand

So you start off with a 2-7 off-suit, and the chances of you doing anything with it are very slim-to-none, so you … play it anyway. No! There’s very little chance of winning with the hand; you’re better off folding.

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Not focusing

You’re looking at the TV, playing with the dog, talking to your friend on the phone, etc, and all this while you’re trying to play poker online. It can be difficult enough to win a hand of poker when you’re not completely distracted, but try to do it when you have all these other things going on isn’t going to help. Eliminate the distractions, then sit down and play.

Being predictable

If you’re predictable while you’re playing poker, you’re essentially telling the other opponents “Hey, this is what I’m going to do next, so make your move accordingly.” Change things up a bit and lose the predictability to always keep the opponents guessing. Many of our regular visitors already know about the Bodog Casino and Sportsbook, but not many Canadians know that Bodog also has a pretty strong online poker room. To learn more about all that Bodog has to offer check out our review of the Bodog casino which covers the pros and cons of playing in the Bodog Casino, sportsbook, and poker room for Canadian players looking to join Bodog.

Not betting with a purpose

Are you betting just any random amount, or are you betting with a purpose? There should be a reason behind every bet you place, and it’s not something that should be done on a whim. The more you play online poker, the more you’re going to learn what bet is considered too little or too much depending on the hand you hold. Always take time to think about what you’re betting and why.

Letting emotions get the best of you

There’s three negative emotions that can happen while playing online poker – fear, cockiness, and aggravation – and all could wreck your game. You can’t be afraid to play a hand if you have something worth playing, you can’t get cocky that you’re going to beat everyone else at the table because it’s easy for that to flip in a second, and you can’t get aggravated at how another player is doing or acting at the table. Keep your emotions in check so you can play your hand with focus and with a clear head.

Before you dive into playing online poker with real money, start out by playing free games. It will get you used to the rules of the game and allow you to build your confidence. Before you know it, you could develop some incredible online poker playing skills and walk away with a substantial amount of

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