Canadien Internet Casino

Everyday our top Canadian online casino reviews get updated based on your feedback and updates to the Terms and Conditions of the online casinos we’ve reviewed and current accepting Canadiens. Based on this information the new Begado online casino moved up from 9th on our list of the top Canadian online casinos to number 2. This comes as a surprise to many casino players from Canada that such a new online casino could move up the ranks in such a short amount of time. You can’t argue with results and what the Begado online casino has been able to accomplish in terms of casino player reviews is unprecedented.

Canadien Internet Casino

All types of casino players from around Canada from senior citizens who only play slots, to young adults who play online blackjack, all their reviews have one thing in common. The Begado online casino has the best customer service and gaming software they would have ever expected from a casino that barely anybody from Canada has ever heard of. That’s just the thing though, just because Begado is new to Canada, does not mean they are new. For nearly a decade plus the Begado online casino has had their doors open to American and European casino players. Now, they have made their foray into Canada and they are quickly on their way to becoming the top Canadien Internet casino at Casino Guide Canada and other reputable online casino review forums. In 2013 we have already seen many online casinos drop their standard of quality for whatever reason, but thankfully the Bodog Canada and now the new Begado Canadian online casinos are bucking the trend and have made improvements to the way they handle customer support requests which is a welcome change for Canadian casino players.

Can the new soon-to-be top Canadien Internet Casino continue their climb up our best Canadian online casino rankings, how they handle Fall traffic will be their next big test. If they can continue to provide competent and efficient customer service during the peak season then we may see Begado top the Bodog Canada casino going into 2014.

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